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Friday 30 July

Artful Dodger + Charlotte Devaney

21:30 - 03:00

Re-Rewind, Enter, Selecta!

There’s no doubt that The Artful Dodger stand as two of UKG’s greatest, so we’re hyped to have them come through for a night that promises all out old school vibes. Anthems like Movin Too Fast and Re-Rewind still carry that flavour that has been sending dancefloors into a spin for well over a decade.

Their live show is still one of the greatest sights in UK dance music – if you know, you know, and if you don’t, come through to see two serious dons do their thing in our intimate club space.

Expect UKG, jungle, soulful house + UK funky all night long. £5 tickets disappeared in 24 hours – £8 tickets moving fast. Don’t miss.


Entry : £8 advance / MOTD

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